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We thank the Almighty God because of His interest in the growth of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Pastor AdeboyeIt is worth noting, however, that an indisputable factor in the growth of any parish, area or province is the pastor. This is because Church Growth is predicated on the fact that the pastor is a Biblical leader that is operating under the authority, leadership and control of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Another secret is the Christian worker i.e. his / her commitment to the Almighty.

Commitment to the Almighty is the highest priority for the Christian worker and this cannot be taken lightly because of its eternal implications. We should consecrate our service to the Lord and be fully committed to the task of evangelism, follow up and house fellowship development.

 It is imperative for Christian workers / leaders to be aggressive in evangelism. Extra spiritual efforts should also be placed on young believers to get them established, localized in a church fellowship and mobilized until they too become soul winners.

However, every Christian worker / leader should note that it is not enough for the believer in Christ to go forth and bear fruits in obedience to the Lord’s command he / she should ensure that the fruits abide.

 We thank God for the various innovations in our House Fellowship Unit. These, no doubt will enhance our growth; and, usher in a glorious new dawn to the glory and honour of the Almighty God.

 God bless you richly,

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

General Overseer



God is interested in the growth of His church – local, national or global, whatever the denominational label. Growth is however predicated on the fact that the pastor is a Biblical leader that is operating under the authority, leadership and controls of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The British Church Growth association gives a practical definition to Church Growth as follows: “Church Growth investigates the nature, function, structure, health and multiplication of Christian Churches as they relate to effective implementation of Christ’s commission to ‘Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples.” – Matthew 28: 19 – 20.

One of the needs of a dynamic and growing Church life is evangelism. If a Church is not involved in serious evangelism, it will either remain stagnant or it will begin to die. Church Growth is therefore a natural concomitant of serious or aggressive evangelism.

It should be stated, also, that one of the most effective instrument of evangelism is the Home Cell Group System or House Fellowship development system. House Fellowship Development is a system; and, this system will only be successful in a denomination if used as a tool of evangelism.

House fellowship can be defined as a meeting in a house, an office, market place, etc where believers, unbelievers and people at different levels of spiritual maturity gather at an agreed and a particular day and time of the week to share the Word of God.

This is carried out in an atmosphere of love, praising, worshiping and praying together; sharing experiences on what the Lord has done or doing in their lives; building up one another and witnessing through their actions and activities to the community in which the fellowship is based; living together in the community of faith and helping each other; through the good relationships established, in various areas of needs; and, in doing these, fellowship members, the community and others derive benefits and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is spread, in good manners, souls are won and the community of believers is enlarged.

House Fellowship Centres are easy to start; they are relaxed and informal; they are evangelistic tools, facilitate training of Pastors and leaders, economical and can solve the problem of growth.

To the Glory of God, the Redeemed Christian Church of God is enjoying a big revival in growth and House Fellowship Development. However, there is a dearth of House Fellowship Leaders in many parishes; and many House Fellowship Centres have ceased to exist because the development of house fellowship leaders cannot be described as directly proportional to the rate at which House Fellowship Centres developed.  

In view of the foregoing, the National Department of House Fellowship resolved to embark on a mass reproduction of house fellowship leaders.

The training programs are in three stages – Basic, Intermediate and Advance. Each is carefully designed for Church members, workers and ministers on House Fellowship Development. Trainees are expected to develop House Fellowship Centres or release their Homes for House Fellowship; and, graduates from these Training programs will be given Certificates base on the condition that they volunteer themselves to lead house Fellowship Centres and / or release their homes for House Fellowship.