The House fellowship Leadership Development Training Programs are designed for those who desire to obtain a greater grasps of the foundations of the Christian faith and a deeper understanding of biblical truth. It is particularly suitable for those who need a clearer comprehension of the scripture in order to be more effective in the local church as house fellowship leaders, as well as, individuals who simply desire a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Program Duration:

The Programs hold monthly. Each comprises one day a month for three months, making three days in all

Lectures hold one day per Month


            The training programs are presented in a series of audio – visually aided lectures, exercises and films. There are opportunities for tutorials, group presentations and guest speakers from the core of respected Christian leaders. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences in the course of engaging in Christian services.

  1. A period of didactic instructions, talks, discussions and practical learning sessions will be presented in each training centre by the centre facilitator and the participants.
  2. Participants will be asked to work on assigned Church Planting and Home Cell groups planting projects
  3.  Time will be provided for discussion between groups of two or more workers, on church planting and house fellowship development, or with the group as a whole.
  4.   Each session will close with an intercessory prayer for the parish, area, province, region and the entire Redeemed Christian Church of God.
  5. There will also be a take home assignment to be completed before the next session begins.


            There are seven aspects to the assessment of the course:

  1. Attendance:      We require 100% attendance from students. Although aware of extenuating circumstances from time to time, the management feels that students in the House Fellowship Leadership Development Training Program will need a maximum attendance record in order to feel confident and exercised enough in the grasp of the subjects to be able to put their knowledge into practice successfully.
  2. Assignments:

The In-House Assignment: Classroom assignments vary from month to month and include the following:

  • Multiple-Choice question sheets
  • Individual Assignments
  • Group Discussion
  • Workshop

Home Work Assignment:  Students are given periodic homework assignment which vary in content, but include the following:

  • Reading selected textbooks or extracts and answering specific questions based on the material read.
  • Multiple-choice question sheets
  • Essay on given subject
  • Research
  1. Converts:  In addition  to monthly homework assignments, students will be required to influence at  least one soul to the program, who must enrol within the first three months of each intake. Assessment will be based on the number of souls each student registers for the course.
  2. House Fellowship Development: It is mandatory for every student to develop a house fellowship centre, which must be set within the first  three months of each intake. The centre will need to conform to strict guidelines which will be explained to students at the commencement of the course.
  3. Church  Planting: In addition to the house fellowship development project, it is mandatory for all intake of students, in a Province, to plant a viable parish, which must be inaugurated within the first three months of the training program. The parish will need to conform to strict guidelines which will be explained to students at the commencement of the course.
  4. Final Examination: The final examination for House Fellowship Leadership Development Training Program will be of two hours duration. It will consist of questions which reflect the types of self-testing, practice exercises and assignments you have previously encountered. All areas of the course will be assessed.

To excel in the final examination, use the time between finishing the last module and sitting for the examination to revise the entire course. You might find it useful to review your in-house assignments, home-work assignments and comment on them before the examination.
     The Final examination covers information from all parts of the course.


  1. Awards:    Awards are not in themselves the prime objective of this program, rather the building up of workers and leaders in the church. Participants will      however be awarded Participants Certificates in House Fellowship Leadership Training of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.


At the end of the House Fellowship Leadership Training Program, participants will be able to:


  1. Develop house fellowship centres, which will replicate themselves every three months.
  2. Plant viable daughter parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
  3. Identify areas for improvement in Christian living and ministerial Administration and formulate alternative strategies.
  4. Chart a new course for renewed growth in life and ministry.
  5. Observe all round church development and growth from God’s perspective.






Successful   Home Cell Groups

HFD 103


The Follow Up   Ministry

HFD 107


Building a youth   Oriented Church

HFD 111


The Church of   Christ

HFD 101


Church Growth

HFD 104


Christian   Leadership

HFD 105


House   Fellowship Statistics and Records Keeping

HFD 112


Aggressive   Evangelism

HFD 106


Church   Planting

HFD 102


Building an Effective   Team

HFD 108


House   Fellowship Development Techniques

HFD 109


Mentoring   Ministry in House Fellowship Development

HFD 110